❤❤❤ BIANCA ❤❤❤

Welcome to the Bianca World, having lived in Germany and grown up in France.

I’m an International Elite Glamour Escort Model and Companion. Welcome to my world of pleasure.

I am the original Blonde, Blue Eyes, Tall and have the a most perfect breasts EE’s going on F’s you have ever seen and a slim waist and tight body and an ass like a peach ready to be devoured. I’ve been told I’m even better in real life and in person.

My pictures are real and don’t need airbrushing as you’ll soon find out. I am a real angel from heaven, the perfect woman with the personality to match.

I am very addictive and have more energy than the energiser bunny. I have appeared in men’s magazines overseas and I am a sports model by trade. I am very passionate about my looks and health so I follow a very healthy regime. My body is my craft and I workout with a trainer everyday to stay in shape. For first time clients I recommend a few hours as you’ll feel unrushed and we can enjoy a drink and get to know each other a little bit in between the sheets or even the weekend away. I love to party and am the party queen so I’ve been told…

I am extremely dirty when it cums to talking, hence my name Bianca. So if you feel like a girlfriend or a pornstar for the day or evening call me or text me and you’ll have lots of fun as I am down to earth and plenty of fun.

X Bianca ?

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